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Hello! We are Miso (the black furry Cockapoo) & Me (Humans call me Kat)!
Our story started one day when I was given a cookbook as a gift, and it happened to have a recipe for dog treats in it. It got me thinking, why should my pooch not have the best when it comes to what goes into her food!

I love to cook and I love my pooch so with this in mind, I put my hands together and got to work. It sparked a flurry of recipe testing and what emerged were yummy and healthy treats for Miso. Better yet, these had natural and fresh ingredients, were free of preservatives, were the right size for training and Miso and her furry friends loved them!  ​

I then started to wonder about all the different foods dogs can eat safely and those which have positive health benefits. Learning about dog health completely changed my approach to feeding, training and living with Miso. What started as an experiment, soon grew as an opportunity to help other dog Mums and Dads to provide nutritious treats for their pooches. 

This is our story, which has now taken off into a flourishing business - Miso & Me.

 I hope you join us on our journey to have healthier dogs, whilst being kind to the planet, and together we become Miso & Me... and you. <3

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