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Our recipes use only natural ingredients, carefully chosen for their vitamins and health benefits, to help keep your pet, and mine, in their best condition. We use healthy, nutritious and only the best for your pooch! That means absolutely no preservatives or nasties whatsoever. You can even smell the difference and taste it too - our treats smell and taste absolutely delicious! They are pet and human approved. Our motto is: Why feed your dog something you can't eat?
  • Delivery Times
    All Miso & Me treats are made fresh to order the day before delivery or pick up so we do have a handeling time of 1-2 days. We post via Royal Mail 2nd class which generally takes 2-3 business days to get to you If you decide to collect, this will be arranged after your order. But feel free to shoot us a message if you wish to discuss this before you place your order
  • Packaging
    At Miso & Me we try our best to be as sustainable as possible in our packaging! All our packaging is recycled, recyclable, biodegradable or compostable! Details of our packaging: Recyclable: Jars, carry bags, postage envelopes Recyclable, biodegradable and compostable: treat pouches, clear film ‘big bone’ bags, small postage envelopes Please note our stickers are not recycable so please remove them before you recycle or compost your packaging. Our Stickers and the printer were upcycled though, saving it from landfil and giving it a new life
  • Jars vs Pouches
    MIso & Me offer the choice of glass jars or compostable resealable pouches when you order our treat packs. Pouches and jars both contain approximatly 80-100g of treats. Our pouches are sourced from a great sustainable UK company called Jamo Solutions. Pouches are biodegradable and compostable at home in just 66 days. Our jars have been recycled and we sources them from a variety of places. They might be the old PB jars we use for our treats, we might have found them on upcycle, or they might have been recycled from friends or family. They have been dishwasher cleaned before they get their new life as your treat container! For all of these reasons there might be some variation in your jar sizes, but you will alwasy have the minimum of 90g, but most of the time it will more :)
  • Ingredients
    What makes Miso & Me treats so special you ask? It's what goes into them, or more importantly what we leave out. We only use fresh natural ingredients and we leave out all the nasty preservitives that commercial treat producers use! The ingredients we use in Miso & Me treats is the same you would cook with for your own dinner! We use fresh fruit and veg, and source this locally! For full list of ingredients drop us a message!
  • Can Puppies Enjoy Miso & Me?
    Our treats are great for puppies! Do remember treats are a complementary pet food and for puppies they should be eaten in moderation. Just like it is for humans, adjust your dogs main meals to fit their treats into their diet and always make sure your pooch has fresh drinking water!
  • Storage and Shelf Life
    Miso & Me treats don't use any preservatives so the shelf life is limited. When kept in their airtight jars or treat pouches treats will generally last up to two months. You can also store them in the fridge or freezer to extend their lifespan, but do be mindful of condensation and frost if storing in this way.
  • Loyalty Program
    When you purchas from Miso & Me you automatically become apart of our Paw Pack! In your first order you will recieve a loyalty card, where on purchas of your 10th jar or bag of treats you will get the one FREE! Don't worry if you lose your card, or lose track of how many treat packs you buy, we keep a track of it for you!
  • Payment Methods
    We accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex and Paypal
  • Wholesale Inquiries
    If you're a business or retailer that shares our passion for quality, sustainability & love of furry friends and would like to partner with us then we'd love to hear from you. Simply contact us direct
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