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🌼🍯 Paws & Relax Calming Dog Treats with Chamomile, Lavender and Honey

We all have moments in the day when we just need a relax! Our four legged friends have moments like that too! Miso & Me’s latest treats help your pooch to have a little ‘paws’ and a little chill and a little relax! Made with all natural and human grade ingredients, these new cookies will have your pooch feeling zen!

Chamomile is such a super little herbal thing! This bright, cheery flower is packed to the brim with positive medicinal properties that can help both you and your fur-friend! It can help sooth irritated skin and eyes, settle upset tummies, and most importantly relax your pooch when things are getting just a bit much!

Next up: Lavender! Our purple power stress fighting flower! Lavender has many of the same soothing benefits for canines as it does for humans! For dogs it works from the inside out! The soothing smell works list like aromatherapy does, and lavender can help relieve itching, irritation, and inflammation in pooches!

Last but not least a touch of honey. Packed with vitamins like A, C, and E, honey is full of powerful antioxidant properties. Fighting free radicals in your dog's body, and helping to reduce inflammation and boost your dog's immune system. Honey also give a touch of sweetness that dogs go nuts for! It also makes them pretty tasty with a cup of tea for humans too😝

Treat your pooch to a pack of four big cookies packaged up in our compostable Nativiva sleeves! All treats are baked fresh for each order!

Do remember our treats are a complementary pet food. Just like it is for humans, adjust your dogs main meals to fit their treats into their diet, eat in moderation and always make sure your pooch has fresh drinking water!

Paws & Relax Calming Cookies

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